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Important Notice

[Web Browser]
This online application system is suitable for Google Chrome 43, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 38, Safari 5.1.10, Opera or for higher versions. If you use an older version or Microsoft Edge, "Select File", "Delete" and other buttons may not be active. To solve this problem, please install a new version of Firefox (Free) and then retry.

[Language to use]
Please use only the Latin alphabet to fill in all forms for registration and application. Other alphabets cannot be read by this application system. The names of any files to be uploaded should contain only Latin alphabet characters. Do not include the # % ? symbols in file names.

1. Personal information provided through this online application system is only used for the selection process and notices from NIG.
2. We cannot answer questions regarding contents or offer any information provided through this system.
3. All required documents must be submitted through this online application system. No documents via email, postal mail or by courier will be accepted.
4. Due to the security setting of an individual internet environment or any other accidental reasons, it might be blocked when you access or upload a document to our system. In such cases, please retry in a different internet environment.
5. Once you register recommenders' information into this system, you cannot change the recommenders' names and their email addresses.
6. When you register your recommenders' information, this system automatically generates emails to your recommenders with instructions on how to complete the form you requested.
7. Since this system automatically generates emails to applicants and recommenders, those emails cannot be reissued.
8. Recommender's Page can be only reached through the link in the email this system sends to your recommenders.
9. Some email filtering systems may mark the emails from this system as spam. Please check your spam folder and have your recommenders check their spam folder.
10. Due to the overwhelming number of internship applications, we cannot reply to individual queries.
11. NIG office will be closed from Dec 29, 2022 to Jan 3, 2023 for New Year's holiday.